2 Week Board and Train

2 Week Board and Train



Our 2-week Board and Train program offers intensive, high-precision training for practical everyday obedience. Your dog will live with the trainer, practicing commands like come, sit, down, place, and off-leash heeling in various environments. Will learn the 3D’s, Distractions, Distance and Durations.

    • 1000 $

Key Features:

  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Training: Practical obedience inside, outside, off-leash, and with distractions.
  • Equipment: E-collar included with customizable contact points and a quick-release collar.
  • Additional fee for aggression cases.

Get real-life results with our immersive training approach while your dog stays in a safe and structured environment. Receive regular updates and witness your dog's impressive progress as they master essential commands and social behaviors.

Our training programs are designed to foster well-behaved, obedient dogs through expert guidance and advanced tools. Contact us today to sign up or for more information on how we can help elevate your dog's training experience. Ready to embark on this exciting journey with your canine companion? Contact Us Today


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