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Chauntil “Tilly” Thain

A Passion-Driven Dog Trainer

About Tilly

Chauntil Thain, affectionately known as Tilly, is a dedicated and passionate dog trainer
at Underworld Kennels and Dog Training (UKDT). Living on a 150-acre farm in Cache
County with her husband, two kids, and four dogs, Tilly’s life is as vibrant and dynamic
as her career. With a background that includes running a motorsports company, Tilly’s
journey to becoming a respected dog trainer is both inspiring and unique.

Early Life and Passion for Animals

From an early age, Tilly displayed an unwavering love for animals. She was the kid who
wanted to bring every stray dog home, eager to provide them with the love and care
they deserved. Her early experiences included everything from showing cows in rings to
managing high-drive dogs, all of which helped cultivate her understanding that animals
are more than just pets—they become integral parts of our families and lives.

Transition into Dog Training

Tilly’s path to professional dog training began with a chance encounter at a coffee shop,
where she met Rae and was introduced to a dog that would change her life. After
receiving her dog and taking part in basic command and stability classes at UKDT, Tilly
discovered a deep passion for dog training. Dissatisfied with earlier jobs in construction,
welding, and restaurants, Tilly found her true calling in dog training—a career that not
only gave her purpose but also rejuvenated her spirit.

Professional Development

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Tilly immersed herself in the world of dog
training. She devoured books, attended classes, seminars, and conferences, constantly
looking to expand her expertise. This relentless pursuit of excellence led her to achieve
several significant milestones:

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Detection Dog Trial Judge
  • Certified in Animal CPR and First Aid

Currently, Tilly is furthering her education in scent detection with Dick Stahl and working
towards certifications in AKC Fit Dog, Do More With Your Dog Trick Training Course
and other specialized areas. She has also attended the last two years at the Police K9
Conference held in Las Vegas, allowing her to learn from some of the most elite trainers
in the industry.

Dog Training Philosophy

Tilly’s philosophy on dog training centers around creating a balanced relationship
between humans and canine. She believes that dogs are social animals who need
structure, boundaries, and rules to thrive. Tilly also emphasizes the importance of
communication, trust, and consistency in training. Her methods focus on the Four
Quadrants of Dog Training. Using positive reinforcement techniques while taking into
consideration the individual needs and personality of each dog.

Helping Dogs and Their Owners

Tilly’s approach to dog training goes beyond just teaching obedience commands; it
extends to helping owners understand their furry companions better. She educates
them on how to communicate effectively with their dogs, meet their physical and
emotional needs, and build a strong bond.

Specialties and Expertise

Tilly is world-famous (and probably on a first-name basis with their barista) for her
specialties in scent detection and behavioral modification. She believes that a dog’s
nose is its most underrated and underutilized asset, capable of remarkable things when
properly engaged. Through scent detection training, Tilly helps dogs reach their full
potential, while her expertise in behavioral modification brings about transformative
changes in canine behavior.

Personal Philosophy

Tilly’s training philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that every environment and
situation present a valuable training opportunity. Whether navigating busy town streets
or exploring the vast expanses of her farm, she integrates real-world scenarios into her
training routines, ensuring dogs receive comprehensive and practical education.


Chauntil “Tilly” Thain’s journey from a varied professional background to becoming an
enthusiastic and knowledgeable dog trainer is a testament to her dedication and love for
animals. Her story is one of transformation, driven by a desire to make a meaningful
difference in the lives of dogs and their owners. Through her work at Underworld
Kennels and Dog Training, Tilly continues to inspire and educate, embodying the true
spirit of a devoted animal advocate and expert trainer.