Meet Our Team

Woman with German Shepherd beside red vehicle.

Raelene Penman

Lead K9 Trainer

Hello! I’m Raelene Penman, the Lead K9 Trainer and Owner of Underworld Kennels and Dog Training. My journey into the world of dog training is a tale of passion, learning, and the unyielding belief that the bond between humans and dogs can transform lives.
Woman walking four dogs in a park.

Chauntil "Tilly" Thain

A Passion-Driven Dog Trainer

Chauntil Thain, affectionately known as Tilly, is a dedicated and passionate dog trainer at Underworld Kennels and Dog Training (UKDT). Living on a 150-acre farm in Cache County with her husband, two kids, and four dogs, Tilly’s life is as vibrant and dynamic as her career. With a background that includes running a motorsports company, Tilly’s journey to becoming a respected dog trainer is both inspiring and unique.

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