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  • Raelene Penman
    Master K9 Trainer

    I have had a passion for all animals my entire life and especially our furry companion the dog!  I didn't have a dog growing up, but I can tell you the first thing I did when I moved away from home was find me a new or in my case woman's best friend!  

    I got my true introduction to training when I purchased a fancy AKC registered Great Dane who was about 6 months old.  I named him HyCountry's Rustlers Rhapsody and called him Rex.  After about 4 months of living with me, Rex was healthy again (his previous owner didn't take care of him) and during this time I learned how to 'Stack' a dog.  Then I learned a few more things and started showing that dog in 'Fun Matches.'  We were winning those and then came the big stuff...competing in AKC Dog Shows!  Rex received his AKC championship at the age of 18 months old taking back to back major points to become Ch. HyContry's Rustlers Rhapsody.  After his big show career he became a constant companion and protector.

    After these experiences I decided to educate myself and learned anything I could. I found that I was always helping friends with their furbabies.  In doing so I was still learning and building my knowledge.  

    I enjoyed several breeds and each one of them taught me a different thing.  I have had mix breeds to include a malamute mix, a Norwegian Elkhound, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a couple of Pit mixes and even a Chihuahua.  Then one day I stumbled across this magnificent dog called a Belgian Malinois.  I have been hooked ever since.  This breed has probably taught me the most about dogs.  The fact that dogs need both mental and physical stimulation.  How to manage the 'Management Cases' and much much more.

    Between the classes, seminars and experiences with them...I came to a crossroads in my life...I retired from law enforcement after 25+ years and decided that I was already helping others, why not get paid for it.  In the following months, Underworld Kennels and Dog Training became a real thing and here I am today.

    I truly believe that helping others learn to communicate with their furbabies it is definitely a calling for me.  I love helping the team become a healthy team, a functioning pack that can go out and enjoy all the world has to offer them.

    Another true passion for me was learning how to train Service Dogs.  I am proud to be an American and will do anything to help the Veteran or First Responder.  These men and women have given so much of themselves and often are not living a full life like they did before their 'Tours of Duty.'  I always wanted to join the military, but life just didn't allow for this...I still gave of myself through public service which to me was the next best thing I could do for my Country.  I am the proud mother of a Marine who served his Country with Honor and Respect.  My way to help after I retired was to become as proficient in Service Dog training as I could be. 

    I also know that there are many people not mentioned above who also are in need of a Service Dog.  I myself own one...Jack.  After it is all said and done...there are many people in this world who can benefit from having a Service Dog.  I think all people who truly need one should be able to have one.  It really is the 'Ultimate Medical Device.'  

    So with that said, thank you for allowing me to help both of you however I have or am going to with either obedience, off leash, service dog or whatever it is!

    With much respect,


  • Kristi DeLude
    Director/Intake Coordinator

    I have always had a passion for animals especially puppies.  I am a retired Hospice/oncology nurse.  I was the Director of Nursing at a deaf assisted care facility where I was first exposed to service dogs and their lives were empower and quality of life improved.  

    Then I met Raelene I was amazed by her professionalism and her K9 training skills. She blessed me with Arya, my service dog changed my life forever. In Nov 2018 I was kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico did not know I had gotten a cut on my leg.  Five days later I was fighting for my life, I had gotten flesh-eating bacteria and lost my lower left leg. With my physical challenges, Arya is able to help me with mobility, pull my wheelchair, gives me stability so I don't have to use my walker. Arya changed my life and increased my passion to help others with challenges have their lives forever changed with a service dog.  

    I love my position with Underworld Kennels helping clients with scheduling and office management.  I get to see the amazing transformation from the first lesson to the last lesson.

    I love learning how to be puppy board and train trainer focusing on potty training, crate training and basic obedience training. 

    I am blessed with an amazing adult son who lives in Oregon.  I personally enjoy hiking, running, biking, reading, researching, volunteering, and adaptive sports.  

  • Erica Warner
    K9 Trainer

    Hi, my name is Erica. I currently live in Layton, Utah with my husband and our son.  I grew up in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and played competitive soccer and piano. I graduated from the University of Utah with my bachelors in Exercise Science. 

    I like to road bike, mountain bike, dirt bike, ride horses, backpack, and go boating.  

    We have one dog, Rylee, she’s a Great Dane Weimaraner mix.  I have had her since she was a puppy and trained her as a trick dog.  I hope to compete with her in the near future.  Rylee is shy around other dogs and people. Building her confidence has been one of the biggest challenges I have had to work with. By working through this with her, I hope to be able to help you with similar challenges.

    Since having a child, I have been a stay at home mom.  I met Rae and began training with her and am so excited to do what I love each day.  I am looking forward to working with you and your dog and to help you reach your goals.

  • Matt Bishop
    K9 Trainer/Veteran Advocate

    Bio coming soon...

  • Jason Adams
    K9 Trainer/Hunting Specialist

    My name is Jason Adams and I am a trainer of hunting dogs and now service dogs. I am a retired and disabled US Army veteran and hopefully I can be of service to other veterans looking for help training their dogs. 

    My hunting dog training background includes mainly retrieving breeds, but I trained my Labrador Retrievers to be upland hunters as well. In fact I was able to develop one of my labs into a naturally pointing retriever which allowed me to use my two dogs in concert while upland bird hunting.

    I trained my first hunting retriever to also compete in United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club Hunt Tests which allowed me to keep them sharp year round and helped me hone my trainer skills and abilities.  I earned the Hunting Retriever (UKC) and Junior Hunter (AKC) titles with my primary dog, but our hunt test career was very short due to being active duty military and moving to places where hunt tests were not as wide spread or frequent. 

    I look forward to helping you with your new pup or even help fine tune an older dog to meet your needs at home and in the field. 

    Jason D Adams

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